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9 Aug 2021
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United Kingdom
Hi all,

We hired a professional plasterer to fit plaster coving in 4 rooms.

He fit it on day 1, using plasterboard adhesive. By day 3, several lengths had fallen clean off. He hadn't put a run of tacks underneath it.

To his credit, he came back and refitted the pieces that had fallen. He also reinforced the pieces that had stayed up. We later learned he'd reinforced them with clear CT1 silicone adhesive.

By day 4, we realised there is a 1/2" border of silicone above & below the coving where he's wiped the bead. Although CT1 says it's paintable, it really isn't, at least not with today's paint.

He came back on day 5 and proposed to cover it all in unibond filler. We just couldn't see how he'd be able to achieve a smooth, seamless finish layering filler over silicone so declined. He then reluctantly suggested he could take the siliconed lengths off and refit them, though then made a song and dance about that meaning there'd be no money in the job for him.

Are we being unreasonable in wanting it removed and redone? I should add that he has charged just shy of £750 for what would have been 1 days' work.

I've attached a few pics. The 'dark' runs below the coving is a thin strip of the clear silicone.

Would appreciate views on whether we're asking too much...


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can’t see why you agreed to plaster cove when theres lightweight alternatives available that look just as good.
They left you with a mess . plasterboard adhesive is only an option if you know what your’e doing. sadly his lack of experience has caught him out .
If I was his customer i’d expect it all to be removed and redone, with either the correct adhesive or the correct prep for plasterboard adhesive.
Thanks GWAP.

Using plaster coving is a point of contention between me and my husband. I suggested the cheaper, easier to use alternatives, but he was adamant it should be the plaster type. He's yet to tell me why, and he's been in the dog house about it since!!!

After a bit of an awkward chat, the plaster came back out today, removed everything the silicone had touched and put fresh up. Lord only knows if it'll stay up this time but for my husbands sake, I hope it does!

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