Crack in Newly Plastered Ceiling

10 Mar 2013
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United Kingdom
Hi. I'm in the middle of decorating a bedroom. Just had the ceiling re-plastered over artex. 3 days later I noticed a thin wobbly crack across the centre of the ceiling - not straight, so not directly following a join, and there was no crack in the old artex.

The plasterer came back, cut a 5mm groove along the crack, applied PVA, and covered with easyfill. Left it for me to rub down when it dried.

Well, I did that, nice and smooth, and I painted the ceiling yesterday. However, as soon as I painted the crack became clearly visible, like a thin proud ridge following the line of the crack.

Other than getting the plasterer back and having the ceiling re-skimmed again, is there anything I can do?
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Sand it back with a sanding block (block of cork or wood).
the crack became clearly visible, like a thin proud ridge following the line of the crack.
you may have rubbed to much there is knack to rubbing down easifill or jointing compound take to much off and you will see the joints or cracks or what have you, call him back and get him to sort it its his job not yours
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Skimmers";p="2702206 said:
best and easiest way to sort it if just run a Stanley knife down the Crack.dampen it with a pva water mix then fill with polly filler. Or easy to sand filler let it dry then. Light sand over the top the trick is to put on just enough to sand back lightly. Soo its still nice and flat too mush filler and youll bee there all day. Not enough filler and youll need a 2nd coat.

all else failing get a roll of scrim tape small bag of easy fill and a small bag of joint cement..
put on the scrim tape over the crack then put a layer of easy fill over the top feather out the edges.
just soo it covers the layer of scrim tape light sand then 2nd coat of joint cement agen feather out the adges.
scrim tape is 2" wide
fist coat is 3" wide
2nd coat is 4" to 5" wide sanding each coat as you go
have you tried to screw up the crack each side if it runs on a joist be careful of pipes cables ect
Thanks guys.

Skimmers, the plasterer cut a groove with a stanley knife, painted the groove with PVA solution, and filled it with easifill.

Steve, I think you may be right, I may well have over-cooked it with the rubbing down, trying to make it invisible.

The plasterer is coming back - good man! If he gets it right, I don't mind paying him a bit extra :)
pay extra!! wow your a good custerd
youll still need to knife it out agen to fill the void again
i thought you said it was proud? :confused:

"like a thin proud ridge following the line of the crack."
Yes, I am a good custard - but only if he gets it right!

Thanks all - pity it cracked in the first place though.
Well, my plasterer came back no problem. He found two other hairline cracks which I hadn't noticed. He can only assume that the cracks were present under the old artex, and the moisture from the replastering must have opened them up - who knows? Anyway, he put on a new coat of PVA solution, taped up the cracks, and replastered the whole ceiling. Now looks good.

And although he didn't want to accept it, yes I did give him some extra cash. I will use him again.

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