Crack in Newly Plastered Ceiling

i have a feeling you will be back on here soon saying the cracks have come back

Well, Steve, I'm afraid you are right - two weeks later (room all finished now) and the crack has reappeared. I really don't know what to do now.

I had the ceiling artexed 10 years or so ago - it must have had a crack then otherwise I wouldn't have had it artexed.

The artex was still in good condition (no visible cracks) when I started the room a couple of months ago - I knocked out a built-in wardrobe leaving scarring on the ceiling where the wall and top-frame were, so I had the whole ceiling skimmed.

The thin crack appeared after a couple of days (nowhere near the site of the old built-in wardrobe). The plasterer's first repair (digging out crack and covering with easyfill) didn't work, so he came back, taped up the crack, and re-skimmed - I watched him do it, it seemed like a good job to me. But now the crack has reappeared.

The bedroom is on the first floor and there is only a loft above - no-one's been up there, so there's no change there. The only thing I can think of is possible upward movement/flexing when the weight of the old block-built wardrobe and bedroom furniture were removed and downward movement/flexing when the new fitted bedroom furniture was installed, but I am guessing>desperate.

Any ideas? Is there any flexible paint I can use to cover the crack??
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What a b`stard for you M8 :cry: . You`ve now got a ceiling that is - plastered originally - then artexed - then skimmed again twice - am I right . That`s a lot of weight now working on the edges of that crack . And the crack is probably from the original nailing up of the ceiling board , it wouldn`t be screwed back in the day . You Might get away with re boarding a section along the crack , but I think it might need a complete re board with LONG screws to get through the layers - and looking in the loft to acertain where the crack is in relation to the boards . If the crack is where the boards are joined along the ceiling joist , you might get away with a long nogging next to the joist to support the ceiling , then do a decorators fill .
You're right - original plaster, then artex, now 2 skims! The crack appears slightly wavy, but it is more or less straight (if that makes sense) and at right angles to the joists above, right across the middle of the ceiling, from one wall to the other. It's a pain in the ar*e. I think I will try to mask it with a film of easifill or caulk and a coat of flexible 'crack' paint, but I think I'm kidding myself...
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such cracks should be sured up before a reskim with screws on either side of the crack just taping most always isnent enough which is why I said you will be back saying the cracks are back, I myself have done this to some of my ceilings one of them had cracks along several board lines I stripped the artex off sured up with screws reskimmed and to this day "touchwood" they are crack free I also have 1 ceiling left with a good artex pattern which I like but I can see it has a hairline crack running down a join but it don't bother me so I left that one. If you are going to try and fill the crack first you could sure the boards up with screws and fill the screw holes with easifill then rake the crack out and fill it, yes you can buy paint to cover cracks but is not something I recommend to people, failing that if it still bothers you do a reboard as nige says

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