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Cracking in rendering? Serious or not?

Discussion in 'Plastering and Rendering' started by Sarah150, 12 Jun 2021.

  1. Sarah150


    7 Sep 2018
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    United Kingdom
    I have lived in this property fo 28 years. It was extended 15 years ago by block work above a single room and then rendered. I recently wanted to have the render repaired as a few cracks and have some concerns over several cracks. Pic below.

    1. The vertical one in the front, between 2 windows, upper level and lower level appears to be mirrored inside but doesn’t extend to the top,above the lintel or in the normal brickwork. This was a bathroom with. Huge jacuzzi on that wall. So suspect that extra weight could have cause the issue and why block work has split internally.

    2. More concerning is the gable wall and corner. This seems to start near the eave at the top and go towards and stop at the telephone wire. I can t see any mirror internally, nor anything in the bottom level. But it is diagonal and stepped which read could be worrying.

    I don’t understand if it was worrying why it isn’t affecting the bottom level proper bricks only the block work part.

    any theories much appreciated, hubby is going to remove the plaster to see if there is a crack in wall or just mortar,

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