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20 Jul 2010
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United Kingdom
Hi, im hoping someone can advise,

I live in a 1950's built bungalow, it has a 21ft x 8ft extension on the back which we believe was built around 15-20years ago. We noticed a while ago that there were cracks on the outside walls (between the house and extension). We have recently removed the plastic cladding that was covering the inside of the extension and can see some daylight through some of the cracks. I can try to post some photos.

What would be the best course of action?

Many thanks
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the cracks run from the ceilings to the floor, about 3/4" at the top and about 1/4" at the bottom. will post photos in a mo. Will try to get better photos when i get home from work. Where the roof joins the walls in the extension it dont look very "finished" either

top left joining to house


bottom left joining to house


top left far wall


top right far wall


top right joining to wall


right far wall

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the cracks on the outside of the house do not seem any larger then when I moved here around 8years ago. As I say the interior was covered in pvc cladding and only just uncovered this.
Can you recomend anyone that covers the essex area who could pop round for a proper look maybe?
Extension not tied to house, inadequate foundation on extension!! Obviously extension built by cowboys without building regs.
I assumed the same about it not being tied to the house, how would you check the foundation? What would be the best rectification?
Looks like the extension is falling away from the main house.. as said above could be inadequate foundations or settlement.. all being covered over by the cladding that can deal with that kinda movement.. get a structural engineers report.. probably require a hole dug to the foundations to see whats what..

Rest of the extension looks pretty poor.. almost looks like the ceiling plasterboard sits above the inner skin of blockwork!?
could any of this be covered under building insurance? someone mentioned subsidence could be covered?
could any of this be covered under building insurance? someone mentioned subsidence could be covered?

That would depend on whether or not it was signed off by Building you have a completion certificate from when you purchased the house? Or were any issues raised by your solicitors?

If it was done to the regulations at the time then you would be covered (I think), doesn't look like it was though...
Subsidence.. well maybe.. if the property gets flagged with subsidence you may struggle to ever remortgage it or sell it..
many thanks for your replies, I will dig out the paperwork a bit later when I get home.

What work would be needed to rectify?
I would certainly agree that you should employ the services of a Chartered Structural Engineer to visit site and report on their findings. They will then be best placed to offer solutions to your query.

Might I recommend taking a look at, which should serve as a useful starting point for you. Do ask if they have experience with this sort of work. They should also be able to help with any insurance claim if appropriate. You would almost certainly need to dig a trial hole to find out what the extension's foundations are.

Have you recently moved into this property? Do you have any drawings/calculations for the extension? Bear in mind that Building Regulations records are generally only held for 16 years. It would definitely be worth giving them a call to see if they have anything on file for your property.
many thanks for all your replies, things have been a little hectic so not had the chance to look into structural engineers, I had previously booked 2 builders to come round today (had good reputation on trust a trader) so will see what they say a little later.

DSA, many thanks for the link i will have a look at this, should i search for "structural inspection" or "domestic : extension/new build"? I moved to the property around 8 years ago, I had a quick look through some paperwork and seems like the extension was build around 1991.

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