creating a raised bed area in room with high ceilings

9 Jun 2014
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Isle of Wight
United Kingdom
Hi awl,I am looking a bit of advice, I want to create a raised bed and storage area in a room with 3.5m high ceiling,the room size is 3.6m x 4m and is a ground floor victorian flat bedroom with concrete floor and brick walls.
I plan on making the ceiling 2.3m(7'6") high with 195mm joists with stairs at side upto a platform around 1.5m to 1.8m (with cupboards underneath) to create the correct level for getting into/out of bed. The rest of the area to be used for storage.

Question is how to create the new level, do i

1) construct two 50mm x 100mm stud walls fixed to existing wall and floor, at opposite sides of the room (which would eat into the existing floor space) to support the joists or

2) Bolt 195mm joists (headers ?) to wall to opposite sides of room and use joist hangers to support the joists.

I like Option 1 as it would be the easiest to do but by the time i have added plasterboard i will loose 225mm in room width, but option 2 means no loss in room width which makes it the more desirable option but i am not certain about the method. any advice will be appreciated .

all the best j
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