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damp smell from walls after decorating

Discussion in 'Decorating and Painting' started by idiotdiyer75, 8 Nov 2019.

  1. idiotdiyer75


    24 Nov 2014
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    United Kingdom
    Hi all,

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place as I wasn't sure to put this in the projects or disasters, as its a bit of both.

    An old dear I know had a bedroom painted from the 1970's and it was drab, with yellowing matt emulsion paintwork on the walls.

    The walls are poured concrete with a thin layer of plaster (wallpaper over the top).

    I striped the wallpaper and repapered it. As im new to papering, I didn't think to use lining paper (until afterwards), so it has just the one layer of standard textured wallpaper.

    The other mistake I made is I didn't leave the walls to dry for more than about 12 hours after stripping the wallpaper with a streamer/ striper. When the old paper was removed the old plaster really smelt strongly of plaster. I'm guessing this was because it got quite wet from the wallpaper striper.

    Basically it's been about 3 weeks and the room still smells of plaster. I haven't painted the single layer of wallpaper as yet, as didn't want to make things worse.

    Does anyone have any suggests?

    Im thinking:

    A. Wait, hope the smell goes away in time as the plaster drys off.
    B. Paper on top on the paper, maybe the extra layer will help.
    C. Paint the current single layer of paper and hope that helps.

    Any help from your experience will be great.
  2. sircerebus666


    31 Oct 2019
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    United Kingdom
    You could hire a dehumidifier to help things along or simply wait longer to see if the smell goes away (is the smell fading at all?)

    There's a remote chance you might also have a leak which is causing your smell too

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