Danfoss RET B RF Room Thermostat - odd behaviour! Help!

1 Mar 2015
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United Kingdom

I have the Danfoss Ret B RF Room thermostat and I have it set to position 3 which is 18C. Just recently I have noticed a few times that the room temperature has gone up to 19C so I have turned the Danfoss dial to check I have the dial set on 18C as it should be and as I turn the dial very slightly the flashing number that appears (as the temperature the thermostat is set to) is 30C. Obviously if the thermostat is around position 3 it is nowhere near 30C (which is position 5 normally). It appears that at times the room thermostat is getting confused and thinks it is set on 30C when it is in fact set on the 18C position, which means it is not telling the boiler to go off but is telling it to stay on to try to reach 30C! I have changed the batteries to see if that helped, but it has not. It seems that this may be a fault within the thermostat that has developed? There seems to be no problem with the way the thermostat is communicating with the RX1.

Can you confirm what you think the problem may be? Does it sound like a need to get a new RET B RF Room Thermostat? I would be very grateful for help! Many thanks
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Personally I've found wireless thermostats to be a continual problem. Have you tried resetting?

Thanks, It has been fine until now. I have reset the boiler. I have also reset the connection between the thermostat and the RX1 (Receiver) although as I said this connection is working just as it should. It seems like something has gone wrong inside the room thermostat itself.

Anyone any more ideas? Would really like some input to see if replacing the thermostat is what is necessary! And it would be nice what might have gone wrong to make it behave like this!

Without being in front of the problem it's not easy to give a definitive answer. But it sounds like a new stat and receiver, is it a relatively new thermostat?
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It's about 4 years old. You can buy the thermostat on its own. As the communication between it and the receiver seems to be fine, and the receiver itself is fine, could I just get the room thermostat? You can buy them alone.


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