Dead programmer - urgent help required

30 Mar 2007
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United Kingdom
The heating didn't come on at one end of our extended bungalow today (we have two separate systems fortunately) and the Honeywell programmer controlling it appears to be dead, can't get any red lights on at all either for heating or hot water . Pressed the reset button on it, and obviously the override buttons, but it didn't make any difference. Any clues?
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We checked the main fuse box and nothing seemed amiss. There doesn't seem to be a fused spur near the programmer though there is a largish rectangular box approx. 5" x 2.5" with Honewell printed on it close to the programmer, saying "danger 240v." Is this the fuse box? Otherwise, there is a round thing which I took to be a connection box.
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There should be a fused spare to the boiler, check this fuse.
Or it may be plugged directly to a socket.
There are no lights showing on the boiler.
Is there a fused spur/plug and socket near the boiler? If so check the fuse.

Which boiler do you have?

Can you use a multimeter? If so, take the lid off the Honeywell box (carefully as the terminals inside may be live ;) ). The power into the box is normally connected to terminals 1, 2 and 3. Use the meter to check for voltage between the brown and blue (or red and black) wires.

If no voltage, you need to trace the cable connected to terminals 1, 2 and 3 and find the other end. The programmer will also get power from these terminals, if it's not battery powered.
The fused spur may be near the boiler, or if the boiler has ever been replaced/relocated it might be near where the old boiler was.
The boiler is in the loft. Just been up there to check my husband was correct when he said there was no fused spur for it up there; he was. I reckoned there had to be one somewhere so lifted the loft insulation but nothing there. It then occurred to me to check the various fused spurs in the kitchen and found one of them switched off so switched it back on. We have lift off! Must have got switched off when cleaning the kitchen yesterday. It would help if these things were labelled in these circumstances and if one had plans of wiring etc. in the HIPs instead of the useless info. they do supply; or if previous owners left a list. Took us ages to find the stopcock which was under a platform in the airing cupboard when we had a loo problem recently.

Anyway, problem solved, till the next time, so many thanks for your help.
Don't forget to label where you keep the labels, after you've finished labelling that is.

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