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Delay Lighting Switch

Discussion in 'Electrics UK' started by eta, 14 Oct 2019.

  1. eta


    24 Apr 2008
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    West Sussex
    United Kingdom
    I have a Delay Pneumatic switch in the garage , installed in 1997 for my mother-in-law and within a year or 2 it failed, replaced with a new unit and that failed in a similar time frame, and she did not want to be bothered anymore.
    We have inherited a live in the property and I'm looking to replace it now
    currently running a couple of old flouresent lights, which will eventually be replaced with LED versions

    Looking at various sites , they either need a neutral , which would be possible to wirein if necessary
    OR they do not work LED lights , at least thats stated on the toolstation item.

    We live near the sea (1/2Km away), and the switch is inside a door way, fixed to the outside wall, doesn't get wet , but when open, subject to wind etc, when we go in and out

    recommendations on a reliable unit - or alternative

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