Desperate for Help with a very old Worcester Boiler

9 Sep 2011
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United Kingdom
Hi Everyone.

I am sorry if this has been asked in the past but I would need to look through alot of posts probably! Anyway, I have an old Worcester 9.24 Electronic Boiler (probably around 15 years old). 2 different plumbers have told me that there is no chance of purchasing the parts for it so I would be better off with a new boiler. However, when I look up the internet, I keep finding parts but not sure if they are the correct ones! Both have said it is the diaphragm but for this boiler, the parts are no longer around (one of them said he had a good friend who worked for Worcester and he could not even get it!). My heating is working fine but my hot water is getting hot but takes a long time and goes cold inbetween, as well as the pressure being crap! It is also leaking and was told it was from the diaphragm so I have to keep topping the pressure up! The hot water works better once my heating has been on for a bit and the heaters are well heat up! The problem is that my husband and I have both been made redundant this year and I have just had a new baby so money is so tight and I do not have cover on the boiler as it was going to cost too much because of the age of the boiler! It was my parents who had this house before me and the whole heating system has been fantastic over the years and never really had any problems and now this! Any help at all would be appreciated! Thanks.
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Diverter valve is the following.

ELECTRONIC 9.24 TSW & MK2 BF (Mar 1989 - Jan 1992) - Parts 87161424500

It is made by Giannoni (can't be bothered to check the spelling)

there are a few different diaphragm arrangements in these valves, but I am pretty sure you can use one out of an Older Ariston (maybe a Eurocombi) and they are only a few tens of pounds if that.

I am positive that a resourceful RGI could source you a compatible diaphragm.

The valve itself is a special order part, but probably still available.

fitting is a bit of a fiddle, but not impossible, and the interconnecting washers are all standard sizes.

the expansion vessel (if that is the reason for your pressure drop/leak. is also a special order item, but an external one can be fitted in the mean time until you can afford a new boiler.
I will add though that Worcester (with whom I am accredited BTW) are a bit pants for issuing spares for their older boilers.

The old Standard Efficiency CDi for example - you can not buy a diaphragm for its diverter valve (same manufacturer as yours).

They insists you have to buy the whole thing.

twaddle I said and went and got one from Parts Centre out of an Ariston.

Was a swine to get the valve out though.

Boiler now as good as new.

The RGI might have to take the valve out to see the diaphragm in order to source a replacement.
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On some models of that boiler its necessary to take out the gas valve to access the diverter valve. So its not a DIY repair job on those.

Many parts are not available like the Micky Mouse fan ( although I have seen it used on another boiler.


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