DHW retro fit kits to convert System Boiler to Combi Boiler

Blooflame";p="2542262 said:
Does anybody know of a retro fit kit to convert a standard sytem boiler to a Combi boiler via an external flat plate heat exchanger/ flow switch? Short on space in property so need clever solution.

Think you might find it's illegal to modify any gas appliance beyond what it was designed for.

Thank for that info, but if you read my post you would see its not a gas appliance! :confused: Did you fail to get in the police force before heating?

Well mick (or is it p***k?), as you mentioned system boilers and combi boilers AND this being a central heating site, one would assume thats what you meant. So keep your pathetic insults to yourself along with your absolutely childish questions. If you show civility you just may get it back. Go to nomates.com if you want to apply that attitude[/

Oooo....keep your knickers on. There are many, many engineers that design and construct bespoke heating systems based on years of professional knowledge.
So calm down dude, you ain't the plumbing police and there is nothing wrong with my question as others would testify!
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Did you ever get round to doing this? I did it with a 28KW gas system boiler. When heating is on, there is hardly any delay in hot water to the taps but I can confirm, as others suggested, that with boiler cold, the delay is quite long. In fact reason I'm on forum is looking for ideas about adding a small pre-heat tank. However, once there, the flow rate is not bad filling a bath.

Only converted this as an emergency measure when my DIY heatbank started leaking at several essex flanges as the cork washers disintergrated and I couldn't tighten or undo to replace. Shame cause the heatbank worked very well from a users point of view. No idea how efficently though. What I do know is house takes much longer to heat up now.

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