Dimplex Quantum QM150RF Question

26 Sep 2020
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United Kingdom
I have just replaced an old Creda storage heater with a new QM150RF. The new heater is wired up to the same supplies that were connected to the Creda, eg one Off Peak supply, and a 24/7 Peak supply (note the Creda also had a built in fan and 1.5kw supplementary heating element so required a 24/7 supply). The 2 feeds into the new heater are from separate spurs. The spur supplying the Off Peak has a neon so I can confirm it comes on and goes off in accordance with when the meter switches over supply. The meter installed (Scottish and Southern) is a new style “white” meter (see photo) which switches between O/P (R2) and Peak (R1) automatically, with O/P becoming available to all circuits in the house, between 23.30 and 07.30. Annoyingly I notice the meter doesn’t adjust for BST, which means in the winter months O/P comes on at 00.30 and goes off at 08.30.
My question is this.
Do I need to access the heaters Advanced Settings and program in the Stand Alone Charge Times?
It says in the installation guide this only needs to be done for a Single Supply installation and I am not sure if my supply, as detailed above, is a Single or a Twin supply set up.
At the moment the heater has been installed for 3 days and it is cold to the touch and giving out minimal heat during the programmed User Comfort Times.
On the Reporting Screens, over those 3 days the Usage kWh recorded is only 2.2 to 2.7 whereas in Dimplex’s own literature it is indicates these figures should be in the range 16 to 18. Many of the other figures are also way out. For example the Core Max temp recorded is 47.8C whereas Dimplex suggests 80to 100C, and Off Peak Count is 48mins whereas Dimplex literature suggests this should be 419mins. Many other figures recorded on the heater are way out compared to Dimplex’s suggestions.
It does suggest to me that while the meter is working properly the heater isn’t, or at least I haven’t set it up properly.
Any help please would be appreciated ASAP as we move into freezing temps this weekend and I need the heater to working properly.


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Maybe too new tech for us.

The heater has an input setting ? I think you need to turn that up.

Do you have a link to the heater instructions ?

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