Dimplex Quantum qm70

Thanks for your input everyone.
Ive decided to change the upstairs heaters to get a constant controllable temp in the bedroom.
The downstairs need new elements and a clean so the plan is to get these fixed.
The upstairs are small heaters so going for a spur off the ring main, upstairs and down are seperate.
Will let you know how it all goes, I wont be doing the work, im not an electrician (EFL)
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Another question.....
The supply switches from peak to off peak, how do the heaters know when to turn on and off? I cant find any sort of timer etc.
I wont be doing the work, im not an electrician (EFL)
I wasn't getting at you -

several people here lately keep emphasizing that the manufacturer's instructions must be followed - despite obvious mistakes and knowlege allowing something else - while they all ignore the bit about qualified electricians must do the work.
I didnt think you were having ago, I got what you ment when you wrote it, people say you must follow the manufacturers instructions with wiring advice etc but the main stipulation about a qualified electrician doing the work, is ignored a lot of the time.
Didnt want anyone thinking I was asking for advice because I was undertaking the work, it should be done by an electrician.
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Better to have a bit of knowledge before getting an electrician round though. Ive read alot of posts on here, where it seems the electrician didnt really have a clue what he was doing.
I had a british gas guy out the other day to check our meter. Something is eating more electricity than it should, hence the question about the timing of the storage heaters.
Anyway he didnt have a clue about the E7 meter and it was literally, phone a friend, or 3 in his case.
several people here lately keep emphasising that the manufacturer's instructions must be followed -

But they are wrong of course. Manufacturers instructions are guidance only, and certainly don't have to be followed especially when they are wrong.

I think the regs say "take account"of MI.
Winston's advice doesn't have to be followed, especially when it is wrong.
Thanks Stem,
Is this via the clock on the meter? Ours is half an hour behind, so if the off peak is say 1am till 8am. Will ours be coming on at 1.30am and going off at 8.30am therefore running 30mins at peak rate?
It's a long time since energy suppliers had timeswitches in common use to switch the rate over. They were mounted next to the meter and look something like this. And yes they didn't keep time very well. Usually there are two arrows to show the time, an hour apart to reflect the change from summertime to wintertime. Or maybe yours has been set midway between the two times.


Generally now, a timeswitch isn't needed. The meters themselves are switched from 'peak' to 'off peak' by a radio signal.

In either case, the storage heater CU will automatically be switched 'on' when the change takes to 'off peak' takes place, and switched 'off' when the rate changes back to 'peak'
And yes they didn't keep time very well.
I used to have one of these and timekeeping was very good. It used a synchronous motor so was locked to the mains so as good as any electric clock. There was a clockwork backup to cover for short term power failures as well.

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