1. V

    Dimplex Heater - Which Model?

    Can anyone help identify this heater from the photos? Currently in an Airbnb and this is the heating, the host hasn’t got back to me despite me messaging and I am freezing. Just wondering how I get it to push some heat out. Thanks
  2. gabs22

    Dimplex Optymist Electric Fire - KAPUT! Help!

    Our Dimplex Optymist BYP20_BK fire has died a year and a week after we bought it. I'm only now discovering (confirmed on other threads here) that Dimplex has the worst customer service I've ever encountered. The "real fire" effect part of the fire has been lightly used throughout the year. We...
  3. J

    Identifying Electric Heater Model - Dimplex

    Hi there, Would like some help identifying Dimplex storage heaters as worried about potential asbestos in them: https://imgur.com/a/F0lhttS Just moved into a flat with my partner. The place has Dimplex electric storage heaters which I'm getting accustomed to. After reading up on them, a few...
  4. D

    Dimplex opti myst blowing ring main

    I've got a Dimplex Oakhurst Opti Myst fire that was working fine until last night when it switched itself off and blew the downstairs ring main. I've tried changing the fuse and removing the bulbs, but it is still blowing the main when switched back on. Has anyone got any idea what I need to...
  5. Z

    Replacement for Dimplex RX010006 Dual Zone Programmer

    Hello everyone, I am trying to figure out, with no success, what would be a possible replacement for a Dimplex RX010006 Dual Zone with Pilot Wire programmer (which seems impossible to find as a replacement) and I was hoping someone here could point me in the right direction. I was looking at a...
  6. S

    New flat - how does the heating work?

    I moved into a flat in May this year, can't figure out the heating and hot water system. I've tried the FAQ's and searching but can't find anyone posting a question in exactly the same scenario. The letting agent has been useless. The flat has a Dimplex RXPW4 pilot wire controller in the...
  7. martinwb

    Dimplex Duoheat

    Hi folks, My house is up for sale and due to complete in a few weeks time. It has been vacant for a few months and noticed that the Livingroom Dimplex Duoheat (14 years old) has no lights on the control panel (top right 10 lights). The heater has two power supplies and an electrician that has...
  8. Nalijs

    Dimplex fireplace cassette x600

    Hi everyone, I just bought this fireplace however from the side whereas the fan is, the fireplace is not producing mist. What could be the issue?
  9. Clarkin1

    Dimplex storage heater duoheat, no heat!

    Hi was wondering if anyone could help, I normally use my Dimplex storage heater just to get instant heat feature from the front panel. But it stopped working a while ago. It's model is DUO500i. The lights come on fine but no heat what's so ever. Any advice appreciated Thanks IMG_20201204_204937...
  10. K

    Dimplex Optimyst- cutting out

    Our our of warranty Optimyst Auberry fire works perfectly normally with the remote (the flame effect) for circa 30mins - and then cuts out with a ‘beep’ noise. I have replaced: The fan The screw top on the water tank The transducer The PCB board Once it cuts out, by switching it off at the...
  11. Z

    Dimplex radiator Duoheat help

    hello. I have a Dimplex radiator. the controller transformer - on the RX010006 - seems to have blown. Will try to change the transformer but may need a new compatible controller as the controller has been discontinued, as has RXPW4. thank you!
  12. T

    Dimplex Optimyst Problem

    I am posting this because I am having problems which seem slightly different from all other Optimyst problems I've read about here My Fire is a 10-year-old Charlotte CRT20BR and has the blue tank and grey sump, and it is only ever used for the visual effect, never for heating. In all those...
  13. K

    Dimplex Optimyst cutting out

    The current fault on my Optiflame is that everything works fine - lights, ‘smoke’ etc - for about 10 min. The fire then cuts out and closes down. I’ve dismantled it and looked for loose connection etc but still no joy. Advice welcomed. Thanks
  14. I

    Dimplex Quantum qm70

    Hi everyone, I have old storage heaters in my house that are all properly connected to off peak E7 supply via there own fuse box. As the heaters are old, arnt cost effective and have little control, i was looking into changing over to the dimplex quantum range. I have noticed the quantum range...
  15. D

    Dimplex Danville Dilemma

    I have our Dimplex Danville optimyst fire for about 5 years now. The flame effect has always been a bit of a pain. I've had to replace the transducer discs from time to time, and replaced the transducer itself, but after a few months it plays up again. Once again it stopped producing mist, so...
  16. J

    Dimplex Optimyst Stove. 24v DC Sump fan not turning

    Hi - my first time on this forum. Has anyone come across the problem where the 24v DC sump fan on an Oakhurst Optimyst Electric Stove isn't turning but the lights and transducer are powered and working. I've tested the fan with a 9v battery and it turns fine. So it feels to me like the DC power...
  17. C

    Dimplex Danville opti-myst electric fire - Shutting on and off

    Hi, this is my first post, any help would be much appreciated. I have a Dimplex Danville opti-myst electric fire, and have an issue with it. When turning on the fire, the bulbs light up, the mist starts coming out, after 20 seconds it shuts off. Then it starts up again on its own, and...
  18. M

    Electric Fireplace Insert Installation

    Hello there! I'm trying to buy and install an electric fireplace insert (was looking at Dimplex Chassis 600) to cover up a hole that for some reason was made in a fireplace in my flat. I'm not sure if it's possible to enlarge the existing hole to fit a relatively thin insert or would there be...
  19. T

    Storage Heater Upgrade

    I've just got my house back from the estate agents after years of them renting it out, and I'm now renting it directly. Short version House only has an electric connection (no gas option at all) Currently has 2 30+ year old storage heaters 3rd heater is missing!! (Don't ask) I asked my...
  20. N

    Dimplex wall heater not working

    Hello everyone, I just moved to property and found not working Dimplex wall heater. Owner said it just stopped working one day, and he has no idea what kind of issue it may be. Everything I know about it is the make - Dimplex, no code, nothing. Does anyone has idea how to fix it or where to...