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Dimplex Duoheat

Discussion in 'Electrics UK' started by martinwb, 22 Mar 2021.

  1. martinwb


    2 Feb 2021
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    United Kingdom
    Hi folks,

    My house is up for sale and due to complete in a few weeks time. It has been vacant for a few months and noticed that the Livingroom Dimplex Duoheat (14 years old) has no lights on the control panel (top right 10 lights). The heater has two power supplies and an electrician that has no experience of these heaters checked the electrical feed into the two cables into the heater.

    1. Cable that powers the heater that heats the bricks when powered on.
    2. Cable that heads the front panel on demand.

    There is no timer or control box - ie Economy 7. This has been gone for a long time. (removed)

    Heaters are on by switch at wall and off by switch at wall.

    All other heaters in the house - same model work fine.

    Back panel works (Heat from Bricks) but front panel, there is power but dead. Been checked by electrician after removing the front panel.

    Anyone any ideas, as they are discontinued I would like to make sure this is all working for the new family. Is there a control unit/Circuit Board/Reset switch that resets this or even part number that fits this heater in order i get it changed quickly?

    Its really difficult to find someone with experience in my area of these units.

    Any guidance to part numbers, would help and I could have this all up and running for the new family.

    Many thanks
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