DIY Landscape gardening on a budget?

11 Oct 2015
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United Kingdom
We've been at this house for 5 years now and we've not doing anything to our back garden other than the usual basic maintenance. A neighbour has just had his garden landscaped and now the wife is after something similar. The neighbour gave me a rough idea of what he paid and its well beyond our budget.

To keep costs down, I was just wondering, what would i expect to pay just to have the ground prep done. The entire garden is roughly 60sqm and is fairly flat. I reckon we'd need a digger and operator to remove top soil/grass, completely level the garden and lay roughly 20sqm of sub base for a new patio. I'd be looking to lay a porcelain tile patio and new turf myself. I suspect there would be a slight difference in level between the patio and lawn (so a very small wall may be required) unless i want to start raising manholes etc.
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