Do I need to be in centre of padstone with steel?

26 Oct 2011
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United Kingdom
I am doing a loft conversion on my bungalow. To support the new timber floor I am running a steel "I" beam across the back of th house and one across the front. The floor joists will then run between the two steel beams.

Each steel beam runs perpendicular over three pad stones. One on each outside wall and one middle supporting wall.

The plan was that the steel would intersect each padstone precisely over the middle. Each pad stone is around 270 x 180 x 100mm and they are in line with the brick wals running from front to back of house, not on front and back walls as they are set back into the house, hence needing them to support the floor.

The problem is that each padstone was supposed to be fitted in line working from a centre line of the ridge outwards to each steel beam.

Somehow one of the padstones is out of line and when I line the steel up from centre line the steel is right at one end of the padstone. Sat on it by 100mm but right at one end and not in the centre.

Is this aceptable or would building control pull this? I'm about to hang the joists off the seel and need to know whether I need to relocate the padstone so the steel is central or whether it's okay at one end.

It doesn't overhang but is about 20mm from the end of the padstone.
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I would make you move the padstone.. it should really be central in your situation.. BC may not notice as they urm well dont always wear their glasses..
My guess is that it's the middle pad that's wrong and it will probably serve it's purpose perfectly well as it stands. Weather BC accept it, see it, even bother to look all depends on the individual that comes round that day.
Although personally I would also relocate the pad, it will probably take no more than an hour and your worries are over.

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