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28 Jan 2005
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United Kingdom
In my son's bedroom is a dimmer switch, which I turn down low whilst he goes to sleep. However, he keeps on turning it up bright and keeping himself awake, and it is winding me up so, I have decided that what I need is some sort of key-switchable fixed dimmer, to set a (low) maximum brightness, to be fitted in series with the dimmer, but I also have the option of switching 'through' to then allow the full range of the dimmer to be used.

Does this make sense ? On my limited use of search terms I have not found anything, but want to know if anyone has ever come across such an item or if they exist.
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Never seen the like although I have heard that Santa used a similar accessory for the Elves.
Perhaps you could mount the switch higher or persuade him to obey you.
That's the answer !!

I just need someone to invent a light fitting with a pull-cord, into which I can load two light bulbs - Lets say a 15W and a 60W one. Come bedtime, I pull the cord and switch from 60W max for normal play, to 15W max for sleepytime.

Perfect !!
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fit a dimmer near the ceiling (where it can't be reached without a ladder) to or even control the low light level

then fit a grid box with a keyswitch and normal switch the keyswitch to select between the dimmer and full brightness the normal switch to turn the light on and off.
I have seen a remote control dimmer switch (Not sure where!) but I would guess that if you took the remote, the light would remain at whatever is was set at?
why not just sort out the underlying issue, and pursuade your kid to sleep with the light off. it'll put him in good stead for later life.
Well....The thing is......He goes to bed fairly early, but likes to have a read for about an hour before dozing off. I don't want to discourage the reading, but want to keep the light down fairly low so as not to discourage the dozing off. I then knock the light off once he's asleep.

The R/C's my favourite so far. Maplins have R/C dimmers that actually fit into the light fitting, but I don't know if they are then suitable for being supplied by a dimmer too......

In fact is perfect for me. And better than which suckers are bidding higher for as a bachelor pad gadget, which is obviously the same thing with the sticker peeled off, seeing as it still has an Action Man Remote Control :D :D
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