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26 Mar 2014
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West Midlands
United Kingdom
Hi all,

i was hoping you could help - i'm replacing wireless doorbell with wired and i've bought a doorbell chime the Honeywell RCW3501N wired door chime that requires a 16v 10av ac transformer but i can't for the life of me find one!! (for 240v/uk anyway)

The closest i've found is a 18v 10av transformer:

will this work with this chime or is the volts difference within limitation as they are still both 10va rated or is it going to cause a problem? don't want to fry or shorten the chimes life expectancy lol.

Honeywell RCW3501N manual just says:
"Transformer powered - Wiring for standard/lighted push via a 16V 10VA transformer."

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12 volt is likely good enough see this example 8 and 16 volt were the standard voltages for door chimes using an AC supply. The
one linked to has a case which has no exposed wires, a google showed many examples but most did not have a casing around them.
I have an 8v bell but with an 8volt transformer it doesn't work so I had to go out of my way to find a 4-8-12V jobbie If that's anything to go by, you wont be able to get away with have less than the recommended spec.

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Yes, it's american but thought it would still work with the right transformer.. Silly me thinkin they would be 16v transformer would be easy to get in uk *smacks head* the only reason it needs to be 16V chime/transformer is the ring pro doorbell only supports 16v-24v ac transformer/chime. Which started this downward
If you want a proper "Doorbell Transformer" in a nice white box, you might have to pay a lot of cash. If you want something that is ready for a chassis mount then the usual suspects like CPC Farnell, Rapid Electronics or Maplin will be right up your street. Stick in a fuse holder for good measure.

The voltage out will be proportional with the mains voltage. As this can (roughly) be 230v +&- 10% then your 15v transformer will be fine.
Well... I bought a bell and a matching transformer (same brand). It worked fine till I added 10m of bell wire. I lost 25% of the voltage down the wire, and the bell didn't ring. This was 8V, but you get the idea.

Our actual voltage here is 250V, although of course nominal 230V.

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