Double glazed unit spacer bar

28 Apr 2010
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United Kingdom
Is there anywhere online (in the UK) that sells the internal spacer bar that goes inside double glazed units?

I've had a look around and can't find it, maybe its not called spacer bar?
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I tried that, I find the manufacturers but nowhere that will sell say 3m. Nothing on ebay. Maybe its only available in bulk, makes sense I guess.
Manufacturers won't want to be bothered with such a small order, try ringing some local glaziers, they might sell you a length.
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What size , colour and quantity are you after?

the main suppliers will only sell in 100mtr quantities miminum, then you need to factor in the ' corner keys ' ( usually 1000 to a bag ) , and then the ' dessicant ' that goes in the spacer bar ( 25kg box )
I'll ask my local glazer for 2m plus the corner bits; I'm only curious about how to brake down, clean and re-assemble a panel.
If you only need 2m it can't be a very big unit, about a m2 of glass so would be cheaper to have a glass shop make a new one, how do you propose to reassemble the panel and seal it?
Going further on from Crank39s post , resealing it requires certain materials and machines. I had already mentioned the ' Dessicant ' which has to go in the spacer bar , then there is the external sealant, which if handmade would be a ' hotmelt', which would require a machine and the knowledge of how to apply the sealant without making an absolute mess , or much worse , burning yourself on the homelt( which generally sits at 190 degrees c! ) and on top of that very few master how to make sealed unit very quickly. My knowledge comes from years of manufacturing sealed units using hotmelt and training employees to use me they may look simple but actually there is a fair bit of knowledge, work and materials that go into it.

If you need a new unit, as Crank39 says, just buy one , its not worth the hassle or the funds to try and make it yourself.
If you wish to know how to make a sealed unit then my advice is find a local manufacturer and ask of you can watch as they make one

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