Blown double glazing.

4 Jan 2006
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United Kingdom
I have 4 dg units that have blown and wondered if it's some how possible to remove the moisture from the inside of a double glazed unit rather than buy new units.This will only be a temporary fix as I plan to fit new windows when funds allow. I thought about drilling 2 holes one in the top spacer bar and one in the bottom then blasting in some warm air to dry things out then re-sealing.
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personally I think you will just be wasting your time.

when a sealed unit has failed the perimeter edge sealant is allowing air to enter the cavity between the glass this in turn takes moisture into the cavity.

when a sealed unit is first manufactured the normal method of construction is two sheets of glass with an aluminum spacer bar to hold the glass apart,. the two longest lengths of spacer are filled with dessicant crystals, and the perimeter edge sealed .known as hermetically sealed.

when the perimeter edge sealant fails for whatever reason the moisture is drawn into the cavity the crystals absorb the moisture.but when full they cannot absorb any more moisture so condensation is formed between the pains. the dessicant initial job is to de hydrate the air trapped in the cavity when first sealed.

hope this gives you an insight as to what you are trying to reverse.
Thank's for the reply wms, hear what your are saying does seem a waste of time if the crystals are soaked but will be changing windows as soon as funds are available probablly 2 years max so might give my idea a go out of curiosity if i cant find a quote for new units cheap enough.
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Just incase anyone else was thinking about messing about with blown double glazed units, don't bother the cost of replacing them may be much cheaper than you think. I bought 4 units (1150mmx1050mm/1150x500/500x500/450x475) for £119 delivered. I was very suprised as I thought I was looking at twice that amount.
bryan walker";p="903762 said:
I bought 4 units (1150mmx1050mm/1150x500/500x500/450x475) for £119 delivered. quote]

And people come on here and are suprised they fail! :D

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