Shed/cabin double glazing

10 Sep 2008
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United Kingdom

I've built one of these shed/cabin things. I'm replacing the supplied plexi windows with some double glazing.

The DG units will be toughened - manufacturer reckons 4/10/4 will do the trick.

The doors and window are recessed from the inside, approx 20mm. There is no beading etc to deal with on the outside.

So, I took the measurements of the plexi panels. They are probably around 2mm smaller than the opening all round.

How much should I reduce the measurements for DG units? 5mm sound about right?

I was thinking about bedding the units in with neutral cure sealant, and then some neat beading on the inside to cover the edges of the DG unit? Or should I use a butyl glazing tape?

I've done a search though and I see mentions of drainage/packers etc needed for timber framed windows. Will these apply to me with my DG units fitted from the inside?

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if i understand this right you are leaving the flat framework exposed with the glass at the back is this correct :?: :?:
Err yes, I think so. If I put the glass in loosely, I couldn't push it through the door to the outside from the inside. If I pushed from the outside inwards, it'd end up smashed on the inside of the shed floor (assuming I didn't fit some beading to stop it)

The front 'frame' recess overlaps the front of the glass by about an inch all the way round.

Make sense ? :)
you will need to fit slope in front off it to shed the water

then you need to cover the end grain on the the cladding each side
then you need to stop the water above the window reaching the timber above the window
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Cheers. Think I've got these covered due to the overhang of the roof - there would need to be some serious driving rain for it to get a soaking. I can fashion a sill of sorts if needs be.

So - what about the actual sizing of the glass and the method of fixing?
i would go for a minimum 10mm all round [20mm smaller] as wood will move with the seasons
decide how you are going to get the fall in front off the bottom off the window incase you decide to start under the glass reducing the opening

every thing looks ok apart from that but make sure any products you use wont attack the seals on the glazing edges

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