Dr Tickle

ColJack said:
so no matter the original length, if it was suspended 1m above the surface it would only ever be 6.284 meters longer?

Yes........The simple way to describe the equation is.........pi * The difference in diameter.
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ColJack said:
what happens at the equator? which way does it swirl there?
I haven't been there, but I'd expect the tendency to swirl in any particular direction to be created not by the Coriolis effect but by any imperfections in the sink/basin/bath waste and/or tilt (i.e. not being level). In other words, I'd expect it to be arbitrary.
ColJack said:
water does not swirl different ways depending on which hemisphere..

many try to explain that it does by using "coriolis force" which says that in the northern hemisphere, things further north move slower than things further south causing a clockwise rotation..
in reality, this is only visible on a massive scale in some weather paterns and would not affect a mass of water so small..

Absolutely correct. the irregularities in any sink, far out way the very small effect on a small body of water.

If you had a perfectly spherical sink, with the plughole dead centre and seamless,and the sink plumbed perfectly, you may in theory achieve this.
Eddie M said:
All right another one, a perfect sphere inside a cone, with the edges of the sphere just touch the inside of the cone, what fraction of the volume of the cone does the sphere occupy ?

As in all good school person days

Volume of a sphere = 4/3 Pi R (cubed)

Volume of a cone = 1/3 Pi R h

Should be easy was in the Metro not long ago.

It's theoretical again, no atoms / quantum bolloc*s allowed.

You sure this isn't the old sphere of radius r, inside a right cylinder which has a height 2r and internal radius r ?
Shove a right cone in that cylinder with base radius r and height 2r
Then we get...
Cyl' vol....... 2 Pi r³
Sphere vol.. 4/3 Pi r³
Cone Vol.... 2/3 Pi r³

There then exists a simple volumetric relationship.
cone : sphere : cylinder .... 1 : 2 : 3

I cannot place the direct relationship between your cone and sphere touching it internally without the cylinder connection and common radii.
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ninebob said:
Eddie M said:
Don't start, it's a theoretical question :( ;)
Yes, I think it's a bad idea to suspend a rope 1 metre off the ground around the world, it might get tangled around the plane on the conveyor belt and then the damn thing will never take off...

Yeah, nice one, 9!! :LOL: