Drill Slip on Porcelain

2 Jan 2013
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United Kingdom
Hi tilers,

Does anyone have any neat little tips for reducing (eliminating) drill slip on porcelain tiles already fixed to walls?

We had a tough time pre-drilling holes on tiles yet to be put up but now we have to fit a radiator onto the tiles behind and I need to make sure I can avoid drill slip so as to not ruin the tiles!

Also, we previously kept the diamond drill bits wet when drilling the tiles not yet on the wall but how do you do this when drilling onto a vertical surface?

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You could try masking tape over the area you are drilling. Works for drilling plastic and metal when a centre punch cannot be used. Or you could pre-drill with a 3mm bit just go in 1mm to provice somewhere to start your larger bit in. :confused:
Ive never had issues with a tile bit slipping, just normal drill bits. So i recommend using a tile bit!
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Ive never had issues with a tile bit slipping, just normal drill bits. So i recommend using a tile bit!

I've got a bunch of circular Tile Mate Pro Diamond Drill Bits but they were still slipping a bit when we were drilling horizontally. The tiles are very smooth.

The tiles broke two of my brother in laws point drill bits before we switched!

I'll try using masking tape and hope for the best then. I suppose that'll also help marking them up anyway.

Any other tips for this?
2 or 3 bits of masking tape on top of each other. i always give the back of the drill a bang with my palm to create a small punch hole to get started too.

keep the hammer off until your through the tile, and keep the speed down if you can
One thing that works for me is holding the drill bit until it just touches with the hammer ON and pepper the tile - then switch it off.

I use Bosch blue bits.
I seriously recommend tile bits!

Like these:- http://www.amazon.co.uk/Silverline-...Y56O/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1357595010&sr=8-1

Note they look completely different to normal drill bits.

I think it would be a potentially 'smashing' mistake to use any sort of hammer action on a drill into tiles, and when you are using a tile bit there is absolutely no need. Give them a try, I can't imagine how I managed to drill tiles before I started using them!
we find a good quality masonry drill on a slow speed is always better. start small and move up.

if your really struggling you can get watercooled kits etc
Believe it or not, I find the best way is to use the Plasplugs diamond tile drill bits. I carefully hold the guide in place and start off slow with some pressure until it gets a mm deep then drill them freehand.

I've tried every system going and this is the one that works for me

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