Dripping Dormer

Behind the gutter was in fact a big hole under the edge. Cant say if it was the cause but I filled it today.
This was what was found.

Some of those flashing panels were raised by 1cm so pressed them closed. At the top under the tiles they rise steeply, couldn't say anything obvious. I left it like this.

Sealed the window, Acrypoled the parapet 2nd coat, painted the wall.

See what happens with the next rain.

Tomorrow I will do my best to have a look under those tiles.
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Here's what I found under the tiles. Some holes in the felt, and evidence of previous repairs to the felt (bitumen marks).

Well I cut a patch of felt from the scrapy stuff at the bottom and stuck over the holes with some bitumen felt glue.

And cut out sections from 2 tiles to allow them to sit on the tubes, so the tiles are a bit lower and more comfortable.

Not sure what else I can do right now, expecting some rain tomorrow.
Well, this morning's rain came through the front of the dormer again.

It held out for about 2 hours and then started dripping. I don't know what that means or where it could be coming from.
Sorry to hear about the continued dripping, Rideforever. Maybe someone here can shed some light on the situation. One would think, through a process of elimination, that you may be getting closer to a definitive answer and solution. Well, your painting looks great! You cut in like a pro. Created a straight line where I know there isn't one. Nice work!
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Well had a good man round yesterday, a Leadworker, who had a good look at it seems that the water was splashing up from the gutter in heavy rain and get through the joint between the roof and the vertical board above the window. Basically the wood behind the guttering but at the top where it meets the roof. Seemed unlikely that water could splash up, but it was wet there to the touch (after last weeks rain), and looking under the lead sheets at the top was dry - do didn't look to be coming down.

So have sealed it up today and put some L section plastic trim in there.

The gutter is quite high up and sitting bang right under the lead, so possibly it was splashing up.

Will see Fri/ Sat, some weather coming in.

Yes, the quotes I have had from builders were £2500+ so it has been very useful for me to step by step fix anything that looked dodgy, and hopefully narrowing it all down. Plus I have learnt a lot. Total cost is currently £92.

Well that's the material cost anyway.

Sure beats sitting around waiting for someone to rip me off.

Fantastic! Glad you got some helpful feedback. Wind driven rain can wreak havoc. I've seen flooding from it that was just as bad as flooding caused by living next to a lake or other body of water. Plastic is forever, so that along with the sealant you used may be just the ticket. And 92 pesos beats the stuffing out of 2500! Good going. Bet you really have learned a lot. Keep up the good work!
Bad news is ... the dormer is still dripping exactly the same.

Not quite sure what to do. Roofers have got no idea what the problem is.

One option is to get a bendy endoscope camera and stick in the downlight socket and see if I can see the leak source ... but its hit and miss ... the leak could be far beyond the range of the endoscope, or maybe not ... I don't know,.

The other option is for the roofer to dismantle the dormer and see if he can find the source based on the staining.

Yet another option is to replace the flashings at the dormer / parapet junction which seems the most likely (but still unlikely) option.

I may get a hose, but the only thing with that is that normall it takes 1 hour of reasonably heavy rain to initiate the leak ... but probably worth a try if only to elminate areas. I could split the leadwork in 3 sections and hose each individually (dividing them by the tube dividers there.
Is LeadMate a good solution here ?

One of the builders lifted up the lead sheets half way up the dormer and there was a lot of water there and suggested that capillary action was causing the problems ... and that water was getting sucked up the overlap and then falling inside.

And he said patch it up with LeadMate.

Is that the right solution here ? Or is there something else we could think about ?

Is LeadMate a permanent solution or a bodge that is going to leak next year?

I wonder if it wouldn't be worth just cleaning the space between or hooking the lead up at the back.
I would remove the lead roof,and replace with single ply
weigh lead in to help with cost of new roof..
The roof is in good nick apart from this problem ... there are no cracks holes or marks on the roof. Throwing it away (it's about £900 of lead) seems a little drastic.


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