Driving rain. Leaking patio doors

3 Feb 2009
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United Kingdom
Had to get the towels & bucket out again yesterday.
Whenever there's any driving rain/wind, it finds it's way between the lintel stone & the top of the patio door frame.
No doubt others will get this during such weather.
Can anyone suggest a good sealant to cure this ?

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some kind of drip to shed the water falling down the wall, before it has a chance to get to the gap, will be a great help.
otherwise mastic, silicone etc; should all do the job. all-weather sealants that stick to wet surfaces could be useful to you, but they are very sticky and unpleasant to deal with.
Just bought some of this to try.

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Thanks for the suggestions.

I thought it'd be the same as applying any sort of silicone/mastic, just that this is a spray on type.
to give strength to a sealant against thermal and other movements it needs a certain amount of depth, usually the width of the joint is about right.
this product is like putting clingfilm over the cracks.

are you sure that the water is inflitrating between the lintel and frame?
i had a similar problem but upon closer investigation (during and after rain) the water was suspected to be coming down inside the wall from gaps around the windows above. after resealing these the leak stopped.
flat roofs and edges of roofs in general would also be worth investigating, water will also travel inside a wall horizontally as well on it's way down.
a photo of the top of the frame and the lintel might help
Thanks for the ongoing advice guys. I'll get a pic of the area.
There is a strip of silicone along the outside seam of the Lintel/door frame & on closer inspection, it seems to be coming away in certain areas which look to be the points of water ingress.

The spray can be applied quite thickly. If ingress continues, I'll look further.
if it worked, professionals would use it.
you need to remove old silicone fully, reseal, and preferably fit a drip so that water is not running across the top and sides of your door and frame where it will find a way in somewhere eventually.

I thought I cured it by discovering bad sealing around our bedroom window which is directly above, causing water to seep down wall cavity & leak through patio door's top join where the frame meets the interior wall. I put silicone around the bedroom window frame & it solved the problem, but it's started leaking again. Maybe wants a proper re-seal

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