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Hi people !

Giving 'puns' a rest and returning to the work !

We have a load of MDF pre-primed skirting to paint (not fixed). We would of course love to use a small roller on the flat part of the skirting, just brushing the moulded top. We have used Dulux Satinwood on the other paintwork (brushed) and fortunately read the back of the tin again before getting some more for the skirtings. It doesn't look as if this paint would be suitable for rollering ? Although it is thickish it doesn't actually say 'non-drip' or thixotropic' on the tin. Obviously we would like the skirting to look much the same finish as the other paintwork so is the answer to get eggshell as this is slightly glossy ? But is eggshell "rollerable" ?

I could look at the backs of tins in a paint store but an experienced 'professional' opinion would be better !:cool:

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You could spray them with oil based eggshell but unlikely if not a new build. Me personally would brush them all with eggshell.
Third_Eye wrote

"Me personally would brush them all with eggshell."

As there are seven rooms (a good few 15 ft lengths) hall and landing to be done :cry: a roller would speed things up considerably. What paint can we use with a roller (bearing in mind that the other paintwork is satin finish).

Boards already pre-primed.

im no professional but i used a roller on mine with oil based satinwood and it worked a treat,the only problem you will have is if you try to re use the same roller the next day,i tried the bag trick and leaving in white spirit overnight,both failed and left me with a bad finish when i tried to re use them
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:D Ta muchly, ch427 ! Roller sleeves are cheap and plentiful in the grand scheme of things, whereas time is usually at a premium. Do you remember which brand of satin paint you used ?
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Cheers, ch427. Should get through them at a rate of knots......

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Give it a good stir..that will loosen it up a bit

They use a short pile radiator roller sleeve...wash it out and dry it first to get rid of the fluff and loose pile.

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