Dulux Trade Diamond Egg Shell on plaster

16 Oct 2008
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United Kingdom
I'm planning to paint our living room and dinning room. As both rooms are heavily used and we've young kids, I want a paint that would be scubbable.
Is this a good paint to use on plaster walls which have previously been painted?

I'm thinking of getting Leyland Trade for the first coat and then use this Dulux paint as the second coat. Unless someone can suggest something else?
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Would you put remould tyres on the rear wheels of your car because they do not do as much work as the fronts (assuming you got a front wheel drive car)? False economy, although I am not that familiar with Dulux these paints are meant to really be two coats of the same paint.
As above, I would recommend that you forget the Leyland and apply two coats of the Dulux. The second coat will give you slighlty more coverage than the first (after the first "seals" the existing plaster).

Alternatively just stick to Leyland Trade eggshell but you might need 3 coats rather than 2. The Dulux Trade will normally give better colour obliteration than the Leyland but it all depends on the colour. If, for example, you were going from cream to mid grey, both brands should cover in two coats. If cream to mid blue, Dulux hopefully 2 coats, Leyland possibly 3 or even 4.

With regards to durability, I would expect the Diamond eggshell to be quite a bit more scratch resistant than the Leyland but I guess you are more concerned about icky finger prints in which case either should be fine.
Thank you for replying. I'll stick to the same paint for both coats.
I've got zero experience of egg shell paints. Are they good for interior walls? I want a matt finish and I'm concerned egg shell might be more silky?
I'm also thinking about this one.

Or this one which I saw in B&Q while I was there earlier today.

You can tell I'm confused and I need help :D
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As Ochaye says the eggshell is not matt. It won't be as silky as vinyl silk but it ain't matt.

I have only used Valspar matt emulsion once- the client specified it. I hated it. By all accounts Valspar do make some good paints but B&Q sell the rubbish stuff.

Standard white Dulux Trade matt emulsion is not very kid friendly. The Diamond matt Ochaye linked to would be a far better option. It can be wiped clean but if you use a green scouring pad it will make the area slightly more shiny. The eggshell is more durable than the durable matt paints.

When you apply the first coat of the Diamond matt it will seem quite thick. The second coat will flow much better.

5L of Diamond Matt is currently £45 at Wickes which is a reasonable price- if you time it right they may have a special on buy on get one get one half price.
Would you dilute a bit the first coat? I found the Crown to be a bit too thick but that is a long time ago (I ended up with more orange peel than I wanted), I fixed it later but...
I haven't used the Crown version.

I have diluted the first coat of diamond matt when the original matt on the walls was quite porous. The rolling wasn't too much of an issue but the water was mainly to help with the cutting in otherwise the brush marks would have been too pronounced.

Most Dulux Trade matt paints can be diluted by 10% without any issue.
I can't thank everyone enough for their help.
I've got Dulux Trade Diamond Matt.
As I'm painting on top of another paint, I guess I don't need to dilute the paint?
I would for the first coat (belts and braces) unless you really really know that the paint underneath is not absorbent.

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