EGR Valve

14 Nov 2006
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United Kingdom
Have a warning light showing on my 2003 Vauxhall Combo 1.7DTi of a car with a spanner through it.

Read up that when it comes on when the engine is on, it could be the EGR valve that is clogged up.

Anyone know if this is an easy task for a novice?
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Think I've found the valve, looks like an easyish job to take off, just a question, if I disconnect the electrics from the EGR valve, clean it and put it back on, will it have reset anything same as it does when you take a battery out?
I was getting the spanner light intermittently on my 1.3 CDTi Combo, eventually it started loosing power when it reached 3,000 RPM and went into "limp home" mode, I also ended up with the check engine light with a fault code of P0108.

I removed the map sensor (which is on the inlet manifold and held in place by one screw with a torx head) and gave it a good clean with some brake cleaner and this seems to have resolved the issue I was having so it might be worth your while cleaning that sensor too.
Turns out it wasn't the EGR, I *think* it was the fuel filter, it was a little container with 2 pipes saying in and out, and an electrical plug connected to it, when I unscrewed the top and opened the lid it was full of diesel and like a star'ish shaped rubber thing in it.

How hard for someone who doesn't know hardly anything about engines is it?

My van seems to be a bit slower than usual too
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egr valve is usually fitted to the front right of the engine (narrows it down a bit, i know!), multipin plug with 4 wires going to it.
On a vectra you have to remove the plug to get to the oil filter........... dunno if that helps you locate it.
I think vauxhall do a blanking off plate so you can disconect it, remove it and throw it in a hedge (best place for it)
I took the cap off what I thought was the ERG valve but think it was the fuel filter or something it was full of diesel!

Have to have a root for it when I get a chance!
Can you tell me where the egr valve is please on this vauxhall comi 1.7 dti 2003.? my engine turns and turns then it starts for 3 secs then stops again, just keeps doing this
hi my wife has a corsa 1.7 dti it hesitates when pulling away no dash lights come on bought a new maf meter made no diference can any body help the missis is driving me crazy
EGR is at the back of the engine on the inlet manifold, has a silver pipe exiting right of it that goesd round the front of the engine to the exhaust manifold! Not usualy a problem on this engine, got a Corsa van 1.7TD in the garage now with the engine light on, turned out to be a glow plug, simple job you might think but no! One snapped glow plug later and the head was sent away to be drilled and heli coiled.

Nice little job that was!!

You need to get the fault codes read and post back!

Alternatively try and access (not easy on this engine) the glow plug connectors and remove them, then with a multi meter see if any are open circuit or have a high resistance.
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