corsa 1.0 EGR valve?

18 Dec 2007
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United Kingdom
for about 3 weeks now, my car has been cutting out when i slow down to stop or turn a corner going down a gear, not everytime tho. Anyway no dash lights come on to warn me, the engine managment light comes only when engine cuts out as usually, i dont no much about cars, but i took it to my local garage for a diagnostic test, it came back the EGR valve not working, they said it would cost £220 for a new one + labour, and then it may be something else to go with it, as its close to christmas i cant afford it and the car aint worth spending that much on it, i was reading threw posts and some people said cleaning the EGR valve may solve the problem, but dont no where it is or how you clean it? any ideas
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As far as I know, only Diesels have EGR valves. I assume yours is petrol, so I doubt it has one. Probably why you cant find any info on it. I think there will be another reason for it.
What age/ mileage is the car. How does it run when it is not cutting out. does it normally idle OK, have (I was going to say plenty of power but it is a 1.0) normal ammount of power. Need a bit more info before being able to offer any help.
hello there 1.0 corsas do have egr valves, as you look at the engine its on the left handside looks bit like a metal cyl. hope this helps :)
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