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9 Nov 2010
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United Kingdom
Happy Easter All!!!

My wife and myself have been living with an cold mains electric shower for years and am just fed up with the poor flow rate compared to the lovely showers other people have.

We have a cold water tank in the loft feeding one toilet, bath and basin.
We also have a copper hot water cylinder feeding downstairs sink, bathroom basin and bath.
We do not have a combi boiler and water pressure is not great but not poor!

I was wondering what would be our cheapest option to get a decent shower?

I have been looking at Power electric showers but it looks like it also needs a hot water feed so i presume i need to ensure the hot water tank is HOT before shower, not ideal as it takes a while to heat up and I like the idea or instant heat.

Any suggestion and ideas would be appreciated.

Thanks :D
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the 10 kW electric showers are a lot better than the weedy 6 kW showers that were common some years ago.

For anything more you need either stored hot water (pumped or mains pressure) or a combi-boiler or instantaneous gas water heater.
If you want instant heat, you are stuck with an electric shower and mediocre performance.

If you want a decent shower,get a twin pump for the hot & cold and a normal thermostatic mixer shower.
The heating up in advance is easily solved by fitting a timer, which you should really have anyway regardless of the shower.

The other options will cost far more.

I actually do have the 10kw Triton Perluso installed but still not happy.

Looks like I'll have to call a plunber to quote for new pipework (hot and cold feed) for a new pumped shower.

Are these electric pumped showers any good, tey state 14L per minute but not sure if thats good?

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I fitted one of these pumped showers for a friend, who had stored hot and cold water but not enough distance between the tanks and the shower head.
It was a good one, and it has been reliable and effective for 8 years now......used daily too!
John :)

My cold water tank is about 3 feet above the shower BUT the hot water cylinder is on the same floor but about a foot below the shower unit.

Will this impact me severely?
I was under the assumption that the plumber will be able to just tap off the hot and cold to the bath, am I right?
The hot cylinder will be fed by the loft one, so the pressures will be the same.
The water feeds are 15mm so as long as the bath cold isn't fed by the mains, all should be well.
I hope your project goes well.....the showers can usually be fed from the bottom, top or the back so there should be a way!
John :)
Thanks John!!!

The bath is tank fed so im lucky there.

At present the mains cold for the shower is buried in the wall covered by tiles so should be interesting on the options given to me, ideally i would like them both buried and hidden.

Are these pumped showers really good and worth all the trouble?

what percentage would you say they are if a mixer shower run off a combi is 100%?
All I can really say is that the one I fitted has delighted the customer, and he had a poor electric shower until then.
Of course it's possible to fit a purpose made shower pump that pumps both the hot and cold water to an ordinary shower......these require a special fitting to be fixed into the hot water tank and as I've never personally fitted one I can't advise.
There are many professionals on here who have though!
Have a natter with your plumber to see what suits you best.
John :)

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