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10 Nov 2006
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United Kingdom
Please can anyone advise. Whilst having some problems with my central heating boiler it was discovered that I was experiencing fluctuating gas pressures. Long story but the result has been that National Grid (NG) have moved my gas meter from inside the property to outside. In a throw away comment on completing the work the fitters told me that the meter would need earthing. We expected NG to return to address this, but after three days we decided to chase this up. Neither NG or our gas suppliers consider it their responsibility. My question(s)
1. Does the meter need an earth?
2. If so - why - what can happen if it doesn't have one?
3. If it needs one for safety can we accuse NG of leaving the meter in an unsafe condition?
4. There is an earth wire sticking out of the floor where the meter used to be situated that now isn't connected to anything above the floor but presumably connected to something under the floor - can this just be chopped off or is that unsafe too?
5. If we have to get an electrician to deal with this ourselves how much could we expect to be charged?
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If they disconnected the old one on the old meter, I can't see how they can say they're not responsible for not bonding the new one.

I can they are a gas supplier not an electrical company.

but to answer the questions
1/ 2
not the meter, the incoming pipe does, its to bond all pipework to the same potential. If you dont have it done the potential in the gas pipe is differnt than all other pipes, it could through an accident with something else, say the boiler wiring become live, by bonding it it cant

doubtfull since its a wiring regualtion

no its unsafe (as its not bonding the gas pipe

see forun rule 9 (before lynda gets in)

BUTif you buy an earth clamp, clean the pipe (steel wool) as soon as it enters your house you can connect the wire with the earth clamp

£4.50 for 10 from screfix see here

diy shed probably sell them singly
But surely they have a duty of care, they shouldn't leave the old bonding unconnected, if it creates a possible hazard.

I'd suggest that bonding isn't a gas or electrical issue its a safety issue which is why corgi gas installers have to bond as well as sparks.

A corgi installer can't come and fit a boiler then say, i'm not bonding it call a sparks. (I know its slightly different because they have to connect up the boilers to electrical supplies but the safety aspect still stands).

The gas supplier should not leave the installation in a less safe state then when they find it. Regardless of responsibilty.

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The earth bonding is supposed to be on the customers pipework on the customer's side of the meter. Not to the meter and not to the supplier's pipe.

Is there a suggestion that NG cut off or unscrewed a bit of the customer's pipe? If not then any previous wire might have been to the meter (wrong) or to the old lead or anaconda (wrong) or incoming pipe if steel (wrong). NG is entitled to remove any of these and under no obligation to fit a replacement earth.

Provision of the customer's earth bonding is customer's responsibility.

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