Electrolux Builtin Fridge/Freezer. Fridge not cooling

12 Apr 2008
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United Kingdom
The problem I have is the freezer section appears to be working ok -24c.
But the fridge is not cooling staying around +14C.
The appliance is about 8yrs old.
The information sticker is missing from inside the fridge compartment.
I thought about replacing the thermostat but not certain that this would fix the fault because the compressor is running most of the time and I think it should be cooling the fridge compartment.
The fridge freezer is not the type that has a duct and fan passing cold air from the freezer section through to the fridge compartment it is a "Wet Wall" system.
The rear wall of the fridge compartment (behind which I think the evaporator may be sited) doesn't seem to go very cold between 0-8C measured with a hand held infrared thermometer.
I am wondering if this is a common fault.
Most of the advice I can find on the internet relates to problems with fridge/freezers that have a ducting system between the freezer and the fridge compartment causing problems due to ice build up and defrost faults.
Helpful advice appreciated.
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My fridge/freezer has two solenoids one for fridge and one for freezer so the temperatures are independent of each other. But the one it replaced just set freezer temperature and fridge cooling was simply a percentage of the freezer cooling. The freezer needs to be at the freezing point of brine which is -18°C the fridge temperature varies +4°C and +5°C seem to be common but also +12°C is used for wine. My fridge/freezer has a holiday mode where it allows the fridge to raise to +12°C but keeps the freezer at -18°C never quite understood why we always seem to have something left in fridge when we go on holiday? The leaf sign for holiday mode with fridge/freezer looks very like the leaf sign for ECO mode on the stand alone freezer of the same make so I suppose it would be easy to activate in error.

My old fridge/freezer was taken out of normal service because of an insulation failure. Ice would build up in the fridge compartment which we were told pointed to insulation failure and the insurance paid out. It now stands in the garage with a demo underfloor heating tile inside and keeps my fermenter at 19°C well at least in the cooler months I stop brewing when it gets warm. The 18W heater keeps the brew at 19°C even when garage is at 4°C which makes me question if there was really anything wrong with the unit. I intend to buy another temperature controller and connect up the fridge/freezer and continue brewing in the summer.

Clearly your freezer is far too cold and fridge far to warm so either some really large problem with insulation or there is a blockage be it a bashed pipe or a solenoid not opening and at 8 years old that is likely before inverter driven compressors and solenoid control came in so I would be looking for a pipe which has been crushed.