End Of Support For AVG 7.5

20 Jul 2007
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United Kingdom
Form the AVG Forums:

Support for AVG 7.5 Free Edition is planned to end on 31st August 2008.
No more virus updates are planned for after that date.
Note that no more 'program' updates are due! Only virus updates will continue until the end date.
AVG 7.5 Paid version will be supported until 31/12/08.

If you still have it installed, start thinking of a replacement.

AntiVirus Software Programs in alphabetical (not superiority) order

REMEMBER to only have ONE Antivirus programme running at any time.
You can have more than one installed but only one running.

AOL Active Virus

Avira AntiVir PE

AVG AntiVirus 8


BitDefender Free

Comodo AntiVirus BETA

PC Tools AntiVirus

Spyware Doctor With Antivirus 5.5 SE

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I've found that AVG 8 slows my computer down to the point that I can go and have a fag and a coffee while I wait on a page loading up!

Not sure what I'll do - I've tried a few other anti-viruseseseses and didn't really like them and always went back to AVG.

This is a sad day.................. :cry:
avg 8 slowed my computer to a crawl,avg told me to upgrade from 7.5 to 8 because it was no longer going to be supported,it would take 3 mins to open a page.i uninstalled it and put avast on,and i'm running ok again.
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I'm still running 7.5 on one of my PC's what do people recommend to use now instead of AVG? Avast?

I've been with AVG for years but don't mind moving as long as the replacement is up to standard. I've binned Zonealarm after the other week and sit behind Windows firewall (witha NAT router). Change is as good as a rest. :LOL:
If you still have it installed, start thinking of a replacement.
What's wrong with AVG 8.0, which is already available? :confused:

If you had looked at the list I gave, it is on there.

After the first 4 hour scan I realised it was not for me and so it went.

Can't say I've noticed any deterioration in performance or hanging with AVG 8.0 free; but I did upgrade all my hardware last year!
Avast gets my vote. Only minor issue I am noticing at the moment, is that when you manually scanned a dl'ed file in AVG, it would give you a scan result proclaiming 'No Threats Found'

Avast seems to just scan and then close, if all is well. I find that annoying.

Other than that minor quibble/oversight. I'd recommend it heartily

...me hearties! Avast ye!
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