Energy Prices and EU

29 Dec 2015
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United Kingdom
In deference to nozzle's polite request ;)
I've transferred a response to PBC here rather than continue in the fuel poverty thread.
In 2010, the European Commission considered implementing a pan-European minimum tax on pollution
You're employing tricky tactics there to try and suggest that the quote says something it does not: The fact that the EU might not have considered a pan-EU minimum tax until 2010 doesn't mean that it wasn't passing directives requiring members to do things before then.
Validate your assertion, or accept mine, which was validated. You'll notice I did mention that EU considered a carbon tax in the 90's but it was defeated. I do notice that you chose to omit that quote from your response so I'll quote it again, just for you:
During the 1990s, a carbon/energy tax was proposed at the EU level but failed due to industrial lobbying
Read more: //

PBC is about to try and convince you that Climate Change Levy (CCL) causes fuel poverty, but CCL does not apply to domestic use.
But it applies to companies which are involved in getting that fuel to domestic users. Do you think they don't pass on the costs of compliance in the rates charged?
Can you not differentiate between Business Users and Suppliers? :rolleyes:
Get a grip of yourself. Your imagination is running away with you!

I guess the self-proclaimed professor of VAT, professes disinformation.
I never proclaimed any such thing, but at least I used to be VAT-registered and understand the principle of input and output tax and how VAT is paid and reclaimed along the chain, which you didn't seem to know.
See! There you again claiming how you understand VAT better than me. But you are so wrong this time about VAT!

But I will not be drawn into further arguments about the EU or VAT in this thread as there is enough of that elsewhere.
Nice cop out!

The point is, whatever the source of these taxes (and yes, of course some are of purely U.K. origin) they contribute toward making fuel more expensive.
That was what they were designed for, to reduce the use of carbon generating fuel!
Did you not understand that?

The feed-in tariff scheme was a crazy idea from the start, offering over 40p per unit for PV-generated power.
That's a different argument and nowt to do with EU.
The Feed-in Tariffs (FITs) scheme is a UK Government scheme designed to encourage uptake of a range of small-scale renewable and low-carbon electricity generation technologies.
I suppose you'll be arguing the EU introduced it next, or that it's something to do with VAT!
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Get a grip of yourself. Your imagination is running away with you!

Is this what you do after each time you post Himmy?

I did say I'd double wind you up tonight.........:D
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