Open season on consumers

24 Feb 2004
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United Kingdom
Seems that where the Govn ventures, in the realm of revenue hunting, others are quick to follow or even 'get in first'

SWEB Energy Elec prices up from 5-08 by 10.75%.

London Energy, Seeboard Energy and SWEB Energy to Raise Prices
29 Jul 2005
Wholesale gas prices for the coming winter - up 50 per cent since January.
Wholesale electricity prices up 50 per cent since January.
New EU emissions trading scheme to control Carbon Dioxide emissions adds an additional 12 per cent to energy costs (see note 1).
The combination of these factors means that London Energy, Seeboard Energy and SWEB Energy are increasing their gas and electricity prices from Friday August 5. For domestic customers the increases will be 10.7 per cent for electricity and 12 per cent for dual fuel gas and 15.5% for single fuel gas.
....................... The holding company 'EDF Energy' reported profits up 160% to £210m..

Someone taking the pizz? EDF Energy is French of course !

..British Airways, Europe's second-largest airline, raised its earnings guidance on Friday after reporting a 36 percent rise in first-quarter earnings profits, helped by growth in first and business class travel. The airline said it expected year revenues to be higher than previously forecast due to favorable exchange rates and increased fuel surcharges......

They have found the 'mother lode !' Fuel surcharges, EU pollution taxes etc etc oh and STICK 10% on top for services rendered .... Best way of making dosh .. A feather plucking frenzy as we, the Geese, cower before the threat of Al Qaeda or is it Al Capone, strangely afraid to Hiss like bu##ery ! -- strange how close the names are Al cahol Al Capon Al Qaeda Al bert Steptoe --

If one didn't laugh one would cry !

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These companies have to make profit..Like all companies...
Its is difficult for the man in street maybe to understand why.
Share holders like big profits, they keep there ££ invested, those without shares maybe benefit through pensions indirectly.
Money is required for investment as well as dividends.
When odd job the builder needs a new trowel, the chances are he puts hand in pocket & buys one. Mr BA or Mr SWEB cant pay for his new plane or generator this way.
Also Mr BA etc is paying tax on his income, Mr Builder, tax now thats a different subject.

Gor Bimey , You Dearhty old man, smell worse than Hercules :LOL: :LOL:
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Powergen are doing likewise, rise of 14%. The letter they sent claims it costs 35% more to produce the same energy hence, the increase. Be interesting to see the company report though and compare the profit to last years. :mad: