Erbauer Cordless Drill. Opinions please?

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owned a few of there cordless tools , which have been given a hard life in particular the cordless drill's (abused tbh) seemed to cope fairly well

so for occasional DIY use I do not see an issue
Some of their tools seem good. For DIY or even light trade use I think they would be fine.

But, for not much more you could get this:

It has a higher amperage battery too, so longer runtime. It's also got a year longer warranty too.

Did the comparison on SF website and downside of this one Joe is only one battery and charge time of over 2 hours. As I'm only doing general diy/woodwork I think I'll go with the Erbauer.

Thanks for the replies guys.
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conny,on your link there is a de walt cordless,which is on sale at the moment for £69+vat at plumb centers
Was talking to my manager in work yesterday and this subject came up. His response?
"Well we give you a generous tool allowance, use that." When I explained it was for home use he replied that if anyone asked about it, (which they never do), I could always say I took it home for a job and forgot to bring it back in. :LOL:

So now awaiting delivery some time this coming week. :D