EU and astra zeneca, still going on

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Put it this way, that clown in Downing St isn't going to stop me seeing my grandkids, or doing whatever the hell I want, as long as the place where I go to do it is open to the public.
Sooey, have you ever thought of taking up a hobby?

It was probably either generating fake news or digesting as much as he could find. He's essentially lost on some other paranoid planet.
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Then there's that pathetic excuse for your "blocking export of vaccines around the world".
When it was demonstrated that your comment was a blatant lie, you resorted to claiming you meant "Australia is around the world". :ROFLMAO:

Is Australia not on the other side of the globe?

P.s I didnt say I meant Australia, I merely pointed out they were the other side of the world.
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you're beloved mainstream media will all tell you
Your beloved Qanon supporting quack sites told you leading Democrats would be arrested and Trump would be in the WH by March.

What happened there boyo? You seem reluctant to accept that you have been conned.
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I believe that nine European countries have now banned the Astra Zeneca vaccine due to blood clots.
Bobby's right, the UK has played an absolute blinder on the vaccines, we should all be proud.
It's on the restrictive contracts, the vaccine nationalisation that UK 'played an absolute blinder'.
The contracts that UK created with AZ ensured that UK vaccines were delivered at the detriment of other countries schedules, importing vaccines form other countries to meet UK schedule.

Maybe the UK government thought their life depended on a success among all the other abject failures. (UK government still delaying any enquiry into its handling of the pandemic, saying it's not the time yet).

If that success at home creates a pariah nation in others eyes, what price success?
Yes I'm sure Bobby will be on here fairly soon, praising the efforts of our government, over vaccine procurement.

Isn't it strange how different countries in the EU are trying to discredit the efficacy of a certain vaccine.
You would think they were trying to Weasel there way out of not looking after there own populations.

From a public health perspective, discrediting a vaccine (Macron) is quite damaging.
Macron's spokesperson has admitted he was mistaken.
Von der Leyen admitted that it was a mistake to consider using Article 16 of the NI Protocol within hours.

EU governments have the wherewithal to admit their mistakes, because they're few and far between, and they learn form their mistakes.
UK governments go blindly on, not even aware of, or persistently denying their mistakes.
The biggest mistake so far is Brexit and Brexiteers are blaming everyone else for the problems created by Brexit.
It’s the bedwetter that constantly moves goal posts & then slanders others as a deflection.
Thank god I haven’t got to read his daily bile anymore. He defines the term “troll”
I'm still pervading your every thought though. :ROFLMAO:
EU are acting totally transparently.
UK government asked how many vaccines have been reply.
AZ asked how many vaccines exported from reply.

UK accused of restricting export of vaccines......BJ says UK has not banned the export of vaccines.
But we now know they don't need to, the contracts restricts the export of vaccines.

You can read in just about any media source exactly what EU exports have been allowed, and what have not been allowed, and why.
Seasoned, investigative journalists can't extract the information from UK government nor AZ.
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