EU tells Macron to wind his neck in

Scoundrels ;)

that can only be trusted to throw there toys out of the pram

imo any french fishing vessel encroaching in UK waters should be boarded and confiscated
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When was the last time the French won a war,

The French did badly in the 20th Century, but…..

“France took part in (too) many wars and had a lot of military victories. The record is actually unmatched by any other country in the world.

There has been 53 major conflicts in Europe, France took part in 49 of them.
Over the last 800 years, France fought 185 major battles and won 132 (lost 43 and 10 draws”
Over the last 800 years, France fought 185 major battles and won 132 (lost 43 and 10 draws
My question was how many wars have the French won. The Nazis won lots of battles but lost 2 World wars.
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And defeated entire nations with ease. Even the large BEF contingent were pushed back over The Channel and made to look like third rate amateurs.
Tactical brilliance undone by strategic stupidity.
That sums the Germans up.
They started 2 World wars and lost both.
Master race my ******.

What have you 3 got in common?
Jeez wept

instead of every one whinging about said event ITS HAPPENED , yes brexit HAS HAPPENED ffs

come up with a solution ? answer ?

do any of you actually have one Hmmmm

yes ?

O.K than

post it up ffs :idea::idea:
:rolleyes: O.K I have one

lets rejoin the EU

Starmer is a remainer , put it in his manefesto , the election is two years away :idea: he can start talking about it now , the Liberals will support him

the SNP will reluctatntly ;) support him ( may be )
The EU is in danger of becoming an existential threat to Brexit.
This growing phenomenon of remainers mutating into rejoiners could cause serious problems.
It's a bit like a rerun of the reformation.
On the plus side it could be a benefit to the Tories if the Liberal and labour parties are suspected by the public of being closet rejoiners, this could keep them out of power for a very long time.
Starmer is def a closet rejoiner

he does want to take the UK back into the EU ;)

SNP won’t like that policy :)
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