Eurosec cpx vs honeywell accenta

9 Jan 2015
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United Kingdom

I was wondering if anyone could help me here.

I have asked an engineer to replace my alarm system and he offered me to fit in a Eurosec cpx. Is this a good product?

I previously had a scantronix 9448, which is now faulty.

I was looking at the honeywell accenta. Is this a better product than the eurosec one?

In terms of longevity and maintenance which is best?

My only problem is that if I want him to fit the honeywell I'd need to buy it myself and if anything goes wrong with the panel within a year I'd have to pay for the work if needs to come back. But if i go with his eurosec panel further work within a year would be covered.

So is the eurosec a goo panel or shall I get the honeywell?

Many thanks
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Eurosec....since the ACCENTA has been made in China it has had loads of issues ! It was a rock solid panel, never had an issue with the eurosec.... Others may disagree !😃
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I don't install these panels, but the CPX has a built in communicator and if that's the panel the installer is prepared to take responsibility for then it would be your best option.

Basically he probably doesn't want to take responsibility for a panel he is not familiar with and you probably wouldn't get the best out of it as a result.

Personally I would look at getting quotes from more than 1 company and decide on which is offering the best package.

Why was the 9448 written off?
the 9884 was written off coz there's a tamper fault and the engineer was not able to fix it. there's also problems with the panel not allowing to set a new user code.
i willask for another quote but the other engineer installs texecom. so it's a different kit all together...

is this better than the eurosec? So many options, and because of the value of it all i don't want to make any mistakes.

I also read bad thing with service timers and engineer locks. How can i make sure none of these are being set?

Many thanks
If you have had issues with tampers go with a mid range panel with lcd keypad and eol wiring , this way any tamper issues are in plain English, this maybe why he has quoted for a CPX. random tampers can be high on labour costs on sytems with a global tamper as it's not allways clear what is causing the issue if it's all clear when the engineer arrives. Sometimes it's more cost effective to spend a little more in the first place.
To be honest regardless of preference you should not get someone to install apanel that they will not support it is asking for trouble.

Opinions will differ, but you are wanting to get a panel that they wont support.

As Mark has pointed out the CPX has options that will make things easier long term. You will also have the built in dialler.

You have 2 for CPX and Yourself for the Accenta as it stands.
Make sure you have it in writing that way you will have proof on the matter if it worries you so much, , Most Installers won't cause you ' issues with service timers etc..

but l cant guarantee that an installer wouldn't make it difficult, can't your friends or neighbours recomend anyone?
OK many thanks for all the advice here.

It seems that the eurosec cpx is not a bad panel after all then.


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