Expected water flow drop between meter and kitchen tap?

3 Nov 2007
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United Kingdom
Im trying to establish if I can increase my water flow.

My meter is situated by the main, there is about 2m of the old 3/4" black plastic pipe between the meter and my stop cock, I have a tap here as its the WC, from the stop cock I also have 11m of 22mm pex pipe into the kitchen, the kitchen tap is teed off from this in 15mm, less than 1m in lenght.

Flow rates are about 6.5 ltr a min at tap by stopcock, and 6ltr a min at kitchen tap. The initial flow is more but it drops off straight away, within 2 seconds.

I had wessex water come and test at the meter position. There was a standing pressure of 2 bar. He open the valve til a point where it was measuring 1 bar, then measured the flow rate which was 31 ltr a min on the open pipe.

I have since replaced the stopcock incase this was effecting the flow, it made no difference.

So my questions are, what would the expected flow be at say the kitchen position, surely more than 6.5ltr a min?

Would I be right in thinking there must be a kink or blockage in main between the meter and my stop cock?

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Yes, sounds like the pipe between the meter and the house has a problem. Time to start digging!
anyone else have an educated guess of what the flow should be if the pipe was free flowing?

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