Poor Bathroom Cold Tap Flow

2 Aug 2005
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United Kingdom
Greetings To All,
Last Weekend I installed a new kitchen sink, When I opened the stop cock I forgot to open the cold bathroom taps (Doh) :oops:
Last Night I connected the Hot bath Tap to The Cold and waited until warm water came out the kitchen cold tap, then opened the stopcock again and now have cold water flowing in the bathroom Eureka!!

Unfortunately when the Bath tap is open the sink tap stops flowing and when either the bath or the sink tap is open the cistern stops filling :mad:

As the only valve I've operated is the stopcock which is now fully open I'm stumped again. ny ideas how I can increase the flow?

Many thanks in advance
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To increase the flow rate the either

1. Use bigger pipes, and let gravity do the work

2. Install a pump

If it was OK before, I suspect some muck/dirt from your hot water sytem is now clogging up the tap or valve somewhere causing the reduced flow rate.

It is also possible that the stock cock spindle is damaged, and will not fully open, which means a turn off in the street and a replacment fitted.

It will also take time for any storage vessels to fill up again. if you have an indrect system.

Did you fit any service isolation valves to pipework leading to the new new taps to make life easy?

If you did, you can isolate the taps, and have a look.
Its always worth re washering the tap connector when you are reconnecting.
Many thanks for the reply RichardWh.
I don't think the stopcocks my problem as the Kitchen cold tap does a cracking impression of niagara falls in full flow although my stop cock now has a slight drip :confused:

I've fitted service valves to the kitchen plumbing that was renewed but as I hadn't touched anything in the bathroom there are no service valves (to my knowledge)

I think your right in the muck/dirt scenario now lodged in my cold rising main, could you please advise what's the best way to try and clear it?

Thanks again

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