Extending a network in a large house (pub)

27 Jan 2010
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Firstly please excuse me if I use some terms incorrectly, I'm inexperienced at computer networking.

The problem: A friend has taken on a pub (yayyy!!). This pub has a single (phone) line to the office, where there is a wireless router. The pub has an annex about 30m from the office, and this annex contains two letting rooms. The friend wants to provide WiFi to these rooms, but also WiFi to the public bar area. She doesn't want the office computer accessible to tech savvy drinkers, so the following is proposed:

Let's assume the office router is a 'standard' Netgear router (say a DG834GT, only because I have one in my parts bin to refer to).
Buy two more routers (or salvage them from parts bins) of a similar type. Connect the two extra 'slaves' to the office 'master' via ethernet cable.
Turn off the WiFi transmitter in the office router.
Have two new SSIDs called PUB and ANNEX in the new routers.

Now that I've outlined what I THINK she needs, perhaps you learned types will put me right on a number of questions:-

1. There are four ethernet points in the master router. Clearly two of these ports will be used for the extra routers (PUB and ANNEX), but to which port does the ethernet cable connect at PUB router and ANNEX router? The choices are LAN1, 2, 3, & 4.
2. Guests in the ANNEX and in the PUB will gain access to t'interWeb via WiFi and then via the OFFICE router, but does this mean they'll have access to the office PC?
3. Because the PUB and ANNEX routers will be about 30m apart does it follow that they will not interfere greatly with each other, ie they'll each perform well.
4. If Landlady wanted to put a Smarty-pants TV in each ANNEX room would it be better to run ethernet directly to these TVs from OFFICE rather than from the ANNEX router?
5. Slightly off topic, but of interest to me...if I connected to the PUB WiFi with a microcontroller running a Webserver at address 192.168.2.xyz, would I be able to access that web page in the ANNEX by calling up 192.168.2.xyz with a browser?

I must add that I am grateful to @Lucid for his comprehensive reply to another's post on a very similar subject, but confess that I got rather lost when the Wireless Access Point entered the discussion, seemingly interchangeable with 'range extenders'...from looking at the examples given a range extender receives WiFi signals and retransmits them; I want ethernet IN, ethernet AND WiFi out for PUB and ANNEX.

I hope my waffle makes sense, I'll clarify if needed.

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Before getting in to the mechanics of how this would all work, I would strongly advise your friend to look in to the legalities and penalties regarding public access Wi-Fi.

In short, simply opening up the pubs Wi-Fi could put her and her business at risk, and in the worst case land her with a £500,000 fine.

Running a pub profitably is a huge challenge in its own right. Providing free Wi-Fi access is a nice-to-have feature from a customer perspective, but unless it's tied in with table service or menu ordering then it's additional cost and a chunk of extra admin with no direct financial benefit.

Sure, there are people who will call in to a pub because "it also has free Wi-Fi" just as there are people who go to a restaurant because it has free soft drink refills for the kids or a free salad bar. The thing is if a kid gorges on six glasses of cola you just lose a little profit, whereas if someone uses the pub's Wi-Fi to download a pirated movie then the landlord, licencee or pub manager is responsible unless they can point to the device that received the file.

There are lots of places that offer free Wi-Fi, so we can safely presume that all of these concerns can be dealt with as a package via firms specialising in the supply of public access Wi-Fi systems. The first port of call for you friend should be the brewery or pub management company she is going through. Find out what arrangements they have in place.

Further reading: https://mooreandsmalley.co.uk/insig...ifi-legally-compliant-legal-consequences-not/

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