F & E Tank Overflowing

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The CWST water level is higher than the F&E level?so if any coil problem then water will flow from the CWST through the "holed" coil and raise the level in the F&E cistern.
However as stated above, it should be continuous except something weird going on and noting the level tonight after the last heating period and again in the morning before the next heating period should confirm or not.
The CWST is higher than the F&E cistern so thats not possible? The ballcock level in the F&E is roughly (by eye) the level of the bottom of the CWST. Unless i've misunderstood what you've said?
Yes, correct, above.
As suggested, get the restricted/blocked section of the pipework sorted out first, that gets you back to a known point where one issue is corrected, that needs to be done regardless.
Then any issues further to that can be investigated. You want the professional who is correcting the blockage to be well versed in OV systems and will be able to fault find any further other problems.

There is only one other place the system can get more water from, if it's not getting it from the F&E cistern and that would be the cylinder coil but deal with the blockage first and take that out of the equation.

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An update for everyone and i've spotted where the water is coming from...the over the top pipe (red pipe on my photos) into the cistern. Its not constant, but did some testing by getting my partner to change the pump speed while i was in the loft and it was not coming out on speed 1, intermittent on speed 2 and a lot faster flowing on speed 3.

This would rule out a coil issue right? A blockage is the definitely a problem and i assume because of where the blockage is, this is likely to be the only problem as the pump is fitted the correctly orientation.

Putting magnets on the inlet and outlet pipes of the HW tank confirms i have magnetite there as well so will probably get a powerflush and hope that clears the blockage without having to do an pipe cutting....but an expert will be going all this so i'll take their advice on how to best solve it.

Thanks all
Looks that way, and hopefully dealing with the blockage will solve it even though the cold feed seems to be teed in a long way from the vent.

Doubt power flush will sort it, my guess is the long radius bend leading down to the pump is were you would find the blockage, its a pity you are not hands on as 2 cuts and then 2 couplers would be a darn cheaper than a power flush.Good luck

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