Fallen out with driveway installer

Not really.

I've let them use sub-standard products for their work and cut some corners. Bearing in mind that their's was the most expensive quote, I think they've maximised their profit on this job.

They tried to charge extra for manhole covers when their quote included them. They tried to charge extra for a second drainage pipe to the soakway when one wouldn't have been sufficient for a 100 sq. metre driveway. They tried to charge extra for shingle to cover cables running along a wall when this was agreed by them originally. They tried to charge extra for a 9" front wall when this was already in their original quote.

So, all in all, I think they were rogue traders and I wouldn't use them again or recommend them to anyone else.
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I've let them use sub-standard products for their work

So how long do you expect the work to last then? As long as the warranty or until they get around the corner?
What's your point, Alarm? are you just looking for a fight or do you have a point to make?

I'd say it's pretty obvious the driveway installers are the rogues. Rogue clients tend to have a distorted view of reality, and reading taz's posts, I don't think he's a nut, do you?
My point is WHY WOULD YOU ALLOW SUB STANDARD MATERIALS on your or anyones property?

As it happens I do think this is a "rouge" customer, I did mention it before or were you not reading the whole post but what suited you?

It appears your the one looking for an argument, tough.
My points are made, that is my argument.
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I just wanted them gone in the end. I'm now forking out £1,400 to put right the faults in their work. Another driveway company has evaluated their work and it will cost me £1,400 to put right - and i'll have a written guarantee for 12 months. I tried contacting the original installers but, as I expected, they're long gone and don't want to know.

So much for being a customer from hell!
I take it then, you've had no invoice for the £7k from them either??
I had an invoice and paid it. The workers were getting quite aggressive and abusive and I didn't want to risk my property being damaged after some time. That is why I paid them and new installers are fixing the driveway this week.