Fan and Air con not working - Scenic Megane

29 May 2010
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United Kingdom
Hope someone can help please.
My renault scenic megane 1.9tdi 1999 T plate just developed a fault with the fan system. The fan does not work on any position and the Air con light doesnt come on when button is pressed - but that's not a surprise since it only works when the fan is on anyway.
The fuse is fine, but there is no life in the fan at all. Really hoping it is not a major job to sort as dont have the money for a garage solution....

Any ideas ? Thanks.
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have you actually tested the fuse or just looked at it? sometimes you can't see the break..

take out the switch and see if it's working ( multimeter time )..
Thanks guys for the comments - I had checked the fuse with a meter and it was indeed fine.
As for the resistor pack - ??? What do I do with that and how do I get to it? Is it an easy job - just been clicking around and found postings about this for later models of Scenic and it appears a big job - taking the facia or top of dash off or something ... Aagh dont want to get into that really.

Here's hoping there is a 'simple' solution to the problem...

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unless someone posts on here with details on a 'CAN DO' i would suggest seeking out a renault scenic forum for the know how.