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4 Oct 2009
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United Kingdom

I am getting my front room carpeted. It is a concrete floor with vinyl tiles laid on it.

The floor is very cold so I want an underlay with good insulation properties.
The carpet I want is a mid-range berber.

I have seen this underlay: Envirolay 42oz 11mm Felt Carpet Underlay
I have read that it is quite a firm underlay with good durability and insulation properties.

I have read that it is often used in commercial settings. I have also read that it may need to be glued down.

Can anyone advise to weather this underlay will be ok to use in my front room? My main concern is that if it needs some kind of special insulation I may struggle to find a fitter.

Also I have noticed gripper rods are only 6mmm thick, if the underlay is 11mm thick will it cause problems?

Is there a better alternative underlay I could use?

Basically I know nothing about carpets so any advice will be appreciated.

Thanks as always
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No replies for this one!
In case anyone reads this post and was wondering the same as me, I have spoken to a carpet fitter who said there should be no problems installing it.
Thanks for posting your update! How did it go by the way? I am in exactly the same position as you and also considering the Envirolay 54 for a concrete floor with vinyl tiles. Are you satisfied with how it was done? Was it difficult to work with? Is it nice and warm now? thanks!
I still have not had it installed. I have all the carpet and underlay ready to fit. But my fitter was ill before xmas, then I went on holiday for a bit. But I should have it fitted in the next week or 2. I will let you know what I think as soon as it is fitted.
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Ok. Hope it goes well! I noticed you have the 11m version. That may be what I have to go for too. The one I wanted is 14mm (54 Envirolay version). I spoke to our fitters today and they said that 14mm thickness will create 'humps'. 12mm or less should be ok, but his grippers are 8mm, not 6mm, though.

They also said the underlay needs to be glued onto the vinyl/concrete and the carpet needs glueing onto the grippers (but that is because I will need a felt backed carpet apparently to make 'humps' less likely). Now I am off to find a good glue (my fitter uses Ball & Young which apparently smells for up to two weeks and is 'carconigenic' according to the data sheet!).

Edit: the STK range looks good but is very expensive. Will investigate...
By the way, the carpet seller said it is normally only used for the very best carpets! He said in his view it could be overkill. But I think it is perfect for the purpose we both have! (Cold concreted room etc).

Where did you buy yours? Thanks
We use Styccobond F40 which is more a tackifier than a glue to stick down Ball & Young Cloud 9 contract underlay, then F3 across the top for the carpet or grippers round the edges.

No strong smell, no carcinogens.
Axminster Axfelt65 Felt Underlay is a fantastic 2.2tog heavy duty/insulating natural get underlay that can be laid in the standard fashion with stretch fitting to gripper and won't cause the depth issues of those listed above, well worth a look.
I use the envirolay 54 excellent carpet underlay fitted with standard grippers 6mm no problems very warm previously cold room now. Was overkill like previously stated but better have the overkill than to risk being cold.

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