Fiesta 1.4 TDCI

19 Mar 2016
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United Kingdom
Hi i am having the following problems with my ford fiesta 1.4 TDCI , The car is running slightly sluggish but when taken onto the motorway and after a few miles when I try to accelerate even just slightly the car goes into limp mode with the warning light like a cog with exclamation mark ,
On checking around the engine I have noticed that at the back of the engine and below the air filter box is covered in a carbon like soot the air filter itself was clean ,I have changed oil oilfilter air filter and fuel filters and still the same what do I try next any help would be appreciated .
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Two fault areas in which this engine is prone....
Fuel leaks down the back of the engine, due to injector / cylinder head sealing
EGR blockage (back of the engine, offside, black oil sludge down the back of the block.)
The EGR pipe, which is a steel affair with some flexible parts, connects the exhaust to the inlet manifold so the exhaust gases can be burnt again. The valve that allows the gases in sometimes jams in the open position which could cause the symptoms you describe.
John :)
Just an addition to this the warning display you mention lit up in red?
If so, Ford reckon its a powertrain fault linked to the glowplugs. Effectively it could well be the same thing.
John :)
Thanks John ,No the warning is in amber not red ,do you know if its possible to clean the EGR or have you got to replace as I think its quite pricey
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The EGR is cleanable, and basically its an electrically operated valve where the electrical gubbins has to be unscrewed first.....not the easiest to access at the back of the engine and the complete valve has to be removed first.
Have a look at a google image of the thing, and maybe there's a video of its replacement somewhere?
John :)