Leaking air

4 Mar 2014
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West Midlands
United Kingdom
I have a ford fiesta 1.4 tdci 08 reg

any idea if this part should be sealed or have a gasket of some sort as it seems to be leaking fluid and when my engine is running and I put ear close it it hisses every 3 seconds or so as if its leaking air and my revs go up slightly...

any help would be greatly appreciated
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It looks like a turbo pipe, and the gunge will be oil that has leaked by the seals (don't worry about that one).
There should be no air leaks, so tighten the jubilee clip. Some makes have an 'o' ring under that pipe.
John :)
Iv tried tighten the screw to the left it just keeps going round itself as though nothin is gripping it
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Not sure whether it is a jubilee clip the one on the right has a thread to screw into the other just has a v shape to which anda bolt and a washer has to go behind and u tighten it up that way...
Ah sorry- a misunderstanding on my part, I think.
Are you talking about the metal flange, that bolts onto the block - two bolts?
It sounds like one is stripped, allowing the gunge out.
John :)
Yes sorry it is them two bolts the one on the left is loose and I cant tighten it without holding the bolt the other side which I can't get too I can get that sorted but do u know whether the air leaking would affect my idle when stationary. ..
Yep, that has to be sorted!
I don't know how good access is, but you can either - fit a longer bolt or drill the existing thread out and retap the next size up.......for example if its a 6mm thread, go to 8mm, if its an 8mm, the next size is 10mm.
Another trick is to fix a stud in place of the bolt, and use a nut on that.
John :)
Ok ill give it a go... its really awkward beacuse u have to have it all in place in order for it to tighten up...

If I struggle ill just take it to a garage cus ill just get my hair of with it :) fat fingers and all that
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